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Theme:‘Embryo Ecosystem – Decoding The Science of Human Embryo Culture’

International Human Embryology Research Academy announces
Ist International Conference

MicroEmbART 1.0

(Microdissection of Embryology)

8th - 9th June, 2024


From the Founders Desk

Dr. Ved Prakash

Founder, Ihera


A platform to educate yourself . . . Listen, get inspired, learn, practice and flourish.

Dr. Sanjay Shukla

Co-Founder, Ihera


Contrary to popular belief it is NOT difficult to get recognized. In this digital age and EBM era get your hard work published easily, get noticed, appreciated and achieve the recognition you deserve.

Dr. Charudutt Joshi

Co-Founder, Ihera


With lack of reliable information and not knowing whom to turn to we faced many a dead ends. Hence with motto to make accurate scientific knowledge available easily for one and all.

About Ihera

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iHERA is a NON-PROFIT online platform for sharing knowledge and experience in the field of embryology. Founded under the auspices of Dr Ved Prakash with invaluable support from Dr. Sanjay Shukla and Dr Charudutt Joshi, all pioneers in Embryology. It aims at becoming a quality online resource for embryology. It takes great pride in conducting FREE online educational activities with experts from the field.


Accessing the Journal Fertility and Sterility Indian Edition

Fertility and Sterility is pleased to provide a special collection of articles that may be of particular interest to clinicians and scientists in India. This collection is available free of charge to all readers in India. Please go to this leads to the home page of Indian Edition and one can access all the issues starting from 2018.

Training in Scientific Writing

To a select few, writing scientific manuscripts for publication is not an issue; writing is almost effortless and to these authors words keep flowing naturally. Some say writing is a God-given talent.

Advisory Board - National

Dr. Sarabpreet Singh
Dr. Krishna Chaitanya
Dr. Gaurav Majumdar
Dr. Charulatha Chaterjee
Dr. Shubhangi Gangal
Dr. Pranay Ghosh

Advisory Board - International

Dr. Jayant Mehta (U.K)
Dr. Jaffar Ali (MALAYSIA)
Dr. Yousef Alhelou (ABU DHABI)
Dr. Romualdo Sciorio

Academic Committee

Dr. Ved Prakash
Dr. Rahul Sen
Dr. Sanketh Dhumal Sathya
Dr. Akash Agarwal

Newsletter Editorial Committee

Dr. Rahul Sen
Dr. Sanketh Dhumal Sathya
Dr. Akash Agarwal
Dr. Paresh Makwana
Dr. Jayalakshmi Shoraff

Gamete Alert Group

Dr. Nidhi Singh
Yoshita Tanwar
Dr. Nancy Sharma

Team Members

Dr. Tarika Deora
Tejaswini G
Deepu Gupta
Kripal Singh Rawat
Sumit Singh Rana
Jyoti Pandey
Rahul Sisodiya
Sazda Khatoon


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